Wabash Cannon Ball

Aged just ten days, the Cannonball is by far Capriole's most well known, best loved cheese—and for good reason. This expressive little sphere packs a punch! Beneath her wrinkly exterior lies a complexity not often found in such a young cheese.

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ORIGIN: Indiana, USA
AGED: 10 days


Pair a young to medium ripe Wabash with: Albariño, Pouilly Fuisse, Vouvray, Rosé, Sancerre, Prosecco, light gin cocktails, Vir- tue Cider Lapinette, Saisons, and Wheat Ales, Goose Island Matilda. Berry and rhubarb compotes and jams, syrupy balsamic, honey. Pair an older, very ripe, Wabash with: Sauternes and Moscato and enjoy with: extremes on either the savory or sweet ends of the spectrum. Olives, charcuterie, sweet fruits and compotes, chocolate, and honeycomb. See our current suggestions below!


Store at <41°. Wrap in waxed or parchment paper overwrapped with plastic wrap, or crystal wrap so that the cheese can continue to breathe and ripen. Can also be stored in a plastic container with a few holes in the lid. This cheese needs humidity but also needs to breathe to maintain its rind. Allow to come to room temperature (about an hour) before serving.


Pasteurized Goat Milk, Culture, Animal Rennet, Vegetable Ash, Salt, Geotrichuim Candidum

Customer Reviews

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Bryan Capitano
This Wabash Cannon Ball was the best cheese I ever tried!

I absolutely loved this Wabash Cannon Ball! I'll definitely be back to Capella for more of this scrumptious goodness. How many years I've waited to try something so perfect. And who knew it would be right here in my favorite city of Atlanta, GA! Amazing!

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