The Capella Cheese Philosophy

The Capella Cheese Philosophy

When you walk into Capella Cheese, you will quickly realize you are in a one-of-a-kind cheese shop. You will see our special cheese storage rooms, a cheesemonger making mozzarella by hand, and our beautiful Berkel meat slicer. Our store is filled with sunlight, enticing aromas, and the sounds of excited conversation.  

We are a full service retail store that showcases a world-class selection of cheese along with specialty products, cured meats, bakery items, and cheese accompaniments. Our staff is trained in customer service with a focus on sharing knowledge about our products. 

Capella Cheese is more than a cheese shop. It’s the distillation of a 35-year career in all aspects of the cheese business. It serves as a new standard of the modern cheese shop. Global procurement through personal relationships with producers has set us up to have a world-class inventory of products. In our shop, cheese is kept with extraordinary care, handled by passionate cheesemongers, and sold with enthusiasm to fulfill our customers’ desires.

We have scoured the world over to find rare, artisan and talented producers in order to offer curated provisions in our shop. Our cheesemakers are dedicated to the highest standards of quality using traditional methods that have often been handed down for generations. Many of our producers invest in land stewardship, from a dedication to traditional grazing to third-party certifications in biodynamics or other quality standards. We love to share the stories of our producers, giving you a peek into their passions and why we have selected them to be a part of our story

We will soon offer a direct-to-consumer shipping program for customers who are unable to experience our in-person hospitality. We sell directly to food service, including but not limited to caterers, sports arenas, country clubs, and corporate event planners. We want to serve all the cheese needs of Atlanta, the surrounding region, and the nation at large.

Capella Cheese  provides a dynamic shopping experience. Our design capitalizes on the natural light and openness of the space, while still feeling cozy and bustling. The store is welcoming and inviting to customers while, at the same time, serving as a true work environment for a modern cheese shop. 

Specially designed glass-wall rooms provide the optimal environment for cheese storage by using a one-of-a-kind system to control temperature, air quality, and humidity. The primary focus of the store is the cheese counter, which displays 150-200 varieties of cheeses. At the counter, customers speak directly with a cheesemonger, sample products, and select cheese that is cut to order. Our cheese counter includes a hand-made mozzarella station so that our customers can watch their cheese being made. Our cured meats station features a beautiful and traditional Berkel hand slicer to maintain the integrity of our meat products. All products that are packaged in house are sealed in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) to ensure freshness. Our retail offerings include: books, bakery items, cheese tools, beer and wine, cut flowers, and cheese accompaniments. We have some items pre-packaged as “grab-and-go” selections, including our best-selling cheeses, cured meats, and private label products.

At Capella Cheese we want to help everyone find their new favorite cheese, regardless of their experience with great cheese. We let customers try all cheeses before they purchase them so they will always leave with something they know they will love. We want all who enter to feel the excitement we have for great food products.

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