Our philosophy on cured meats is simple. We like animals that have been treated well. Cured meats and cheese share the same roots - the necessity to preserve food and the practice of doing so by salting the meat (or curds) and letting time pass. Our cured meat selections come from producers that share our values. We invite you to try a variety of our offerings and enjoy the differences in flavor, texture, and aroma which are unique to each product and its geography.


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Duck and Pork Pâté
Duck and Pork Pâté Sale price$9.50
Iberico Chorizo Salami with original packagingIberico Chorizo Salami in original package
Iberico Dry-cured Salami with original packagingIberico Dry-cured Salami in original package
Iberico Pork Loin with original packagingIberico Pork Loin in original package
Iberico Pork Loin - Piece Sale price$70.00
Meat Party Platter for 6-8