Rare Comté Collection

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An exclusive Comté tasting experience.

We have secured 5 vintages of the most acclaimed Comté available. Experience the progression of flavor development as it ages, from 7-9 months up to 46-48 months.

We are proud to offer Marcel Petit Comté in this collection. Each cheese has been aged at Fort St. Antoine in the Jura Mountains of France. These selections are crafted within 50 kilometers of the fort they are aged in, and the aging occurs under the watchful eyes of highly trained cellar masters. These special Comtés are hand-selected to meet a consistent and exquisite flavor profile, including strong notes of browned butter, nutty, rich mountain herbs.

Tasting these five Comtés in progression is a lesson in how age affects flavors in this same type cheese. The young Comté has fresh notes that develop into deeper flavors and complexity that become prominent in the aged Comté examples.

The age profiles we offer in this collection are:

7-9 month
This cheese is young, it has a fresh flavor with notes of brown butter and cream that is developing.

12-14 month
The flavor profile is developing a richness and creaminess. Notes of toasted hazelnuts are beginning to show. 

24 month
Our classic Comté age. Cream, fruitiness, nuts, and toasted grain shine through. Straw notes are noticeable.

36 month
The cheese is developing more firmness. Spicy notes are detectable, and nutmeg and beef broth flavors are developing.

48 month
This Comté has very firm texture. Notes of deep roasted nut and dark chocolate shows through. Flavors of roasted onion and pepper are forward.
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Educational and delicious!

What fun to try the same delicious Comte at five different stages of its maturation! Having a world class cheese shop right down the street is such a gift.