A Letter from Raymond: Celebrating Our Anniversary With Gratitude

A Letter from Raymond: Celebrating Our Anniversary With Gratitude
A note from Cheesemonger and owner Raymond Hook:

We are celebrating our 2nd anniversary with immense gratitude for our customers and community. It is with great pride that we share our accomplishment of creating the best cheese shop in the country. Allow me share more about what helps us steer our passion at Capella Cheese each day...  


Our vision of creating the cheese shop where the greatest cheesemakers in the world would want their cheese sold is the same as the day we first began our dream of Capella Cheese. Our mission has always been to be the cheese shop for everyone, no matter where they are on their cheese journey.


Our philosophy has three parts: first is to supply customers with the best cheese, in its ideal condition. We love to let customers taste the cheese prior to purchasing, we want our guests to love the cheese they purchase at Capella. 

The second part of our philosophy is to educate customers on the cheeses they like. We offer classes and we share knowledge with our staff so they can pass it on to the customers. 

The third part of our philosophy is to build community. We want to engage our suppliers, customers, neighbors and the local food industry. We encourage everyone to support food related charities whose goals are to end hunger, especially for children.


For Our Team: Everyone who has been a co-worker at Capella, from prior to opening to the team today, have all contributed something to Capella. We are grateful for their time, energy and passion for great food.

For our suppliers: We are so happy to call the best cheesemakers in the world our friends. We get to go visit them, learn about them, their cheeses and products. They allow us access to the best of the best. We are grateful for their skills, craftsmanship and dedication to great products.

For our customers: We appreciate all of our guests who have shown their love and curiosity for great cheese. We love sampling cheese with them and helping them find their next favorite cheese. Making our customers happy is our main goal, no matter where they are on their cheese journey. We have cheese for everyone to enjoy.

Thank you for all of your support and curiosity since our opening. We are looking forward to continuing to share our passion for good cheese and good folks with you for years to come.

- Cheesemonger Raymond Hook and the Capella Cheese Team 

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