Who We Are

What's in a name?
Capella Cheese is named after the star Capella (Latin for “she-goat”), the sixth brightest star in the night sky and the brightest in the constellation Auriga (Latin for “charioteer”). The constellation Auriga has served to illustrate various myths and legends over human history. The one closest to our heart is a story about a goat herder who was called to be a charioteer but couldn’t leave his herd behind, so he carried his goats with him in his chariot.

On the Beltline.
We’re in Armour Yards neighborhood along the Beltline, between Buckhead and Midtown. For those not local to Atlanta, the Beltline is an urban redevelopment project revitalizing old rail lines, and connecting the city with walking paths and green space. 


A thriving community.

We are proud to be neighbors to some of Atlanta favorites, including Sweet Water Brewery, East Pole Coffee, Atlanta Spirit Works, Atlanta Track Club, and Project Open Hand.

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