Our Producers are Close to Our Heart

Our Producers are Close to Our Heart

 At Capella Cheese, we have scoured the world over to find rare, artisan, and talented producers in order to offer curated provisions in our cheese shop. We love to share the stories of our producers, giving you a peek into their passions and why we have selected them to be a part of our story.


The Parra Family

The Parra family runs a biodynamic farm in Spain. They raise heritage breed black ewes, and produce award winning cheeses, wine, and black garlic.


The Parra Family provides us with their stunning Oveja Negra Manchego, made from the milk of the original breed of black sheep historically used in Manchego production. Their famous Inanna cheese is produced with milk from their black ewes and the rind is washed in their biodynamic wine.

The Parra Family is the largest grower of biodynamic organic garlic in Europe. They turn it into black garlic by low-temperature slow-roasting, to lessen the bite and yield a sweet umami flavor. The family’s black garlic is sold in our store and featured in our Capella brand crackers.


The Guffanti Family

“Service, knowledge, and care are what we add to the cheese.” - Giovanni Guffanti

For generations, the Guffanti family has given maximum attention to the aging of refined, artisan cheese. Their success is rooted in their dedication to ensuring the ideal microclimate of natural soil, stones, and bricks in their caves for aging all their cheese to perfection. Just as you would find in a cheese the aroma of the pastures that fed the animal, an imprint of the territory, and the quality of the cheesemaker’s expertise, so you should also be able to taste the history and characteristics of the environment where it was aged.

Guffanti recognizes they are “very fortunate to have these environments so markedly devoted to curing” and Capella is grateful to share the fruits of their labor with all of you!

Adopt An Alp

Thanks to the Adopt-an-Alp Program, American cheese lovers (like us at Capella Cheese!) have access to truly distinctive and traditional Alp cheeses made only during summers on the Swiss mountains.

We get a glimpse into the everyday lives of the animals that contribute the milk and the farmers who craft these unique cheeses. This connection leads to a mutual respect and an understanding of the importance of preserving tradition. At Capella, we carry handmade, small production cheeses of various ages from Alp Tompey, Alp Satteleggli, and Berglialp.

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