What Makes Capella Cheese Special?

What Makes Capella Cheese Special?

A cheese monger’s dream come true.

Our lovely 3,500-square-foot cheese shop includes three cheese rooms designed for storing cheese, that will be visible to the public. These rooms are set to precise conditions, allowing the cheeses to settle and breathe after their travels from small-batch makers around the world.


You won’t believe your eyes.

Mozzarella is a cheese designed to be eaten the day it’s made. A highlight of our shop is the mozzarella cheese station where we will make fresh mozzarella cheese daily - so you can watch the process right in front of you, and enjoy it as soon as it is ready!


One perfect slice at a time.

We also invite you in to enjoy our curated daily selection of hand-sliced cured meats. Our cured meats station features a beautiful and traditional Berkel hand slicer to maintain the integrity of our meat products. All products that are packaged in house are sealed in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) to ensure freshness.


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