A Beginners Guide to the Right Knife for the Right Cheese

A Beginners Guide to the Right Knife for the Right Cheese

Many people think you can use any knife from your kitchen drawer to cut cheese, right? Not so! All cheese knives have a special function. Welcome to our guide about cheese knives. From creamy Brie to hard Parmesan: every kind of cheese deserves its own cheese knife. It's not just for show, but for making cutting as easy as possible for you. 

# 1 Hard cheese knife 

The rigid blade does not bend when breaking into very hard cheese, you can use the tip or blade to break or crumble semi-hard or very hard cheeses like Manchego and Pecorino. 

#2 Spreading knife

A good spreading knife has a bit of give to allow for smooth spreading. This type of knife is good for soft cheese like cream cheese, soft goat cheese, pates, butter and pesto. 

#3 Semi hard cheese knife 

This knife has structure to it with a pointed tip that allows for transfer of cheese that is very hygienic. This tool works well for semi-hard and hard cheeses like cured Gouda and Cheddar.

#4 Semi soft cheese knife 

The holes in this blade reduce resistance when cutting, and the cheese does not stick to the blade, so the shape of the cheese remains intact. This is useful for semi soft or semi hard cheeses like Gorgonzola and young gouda.

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