Our Top selling Cheeses Produced in the United States

Our Top selling Cheeses Produced in the United States

What is unique about cheese produced in the United States? 
We are here to free you from the notion that “American cheese” is that plastic-y, orange stuff sold at many grocery stores. 

Many think that you need to search internally for delicious and rare cheeses, when we have so many talented, artisan and award-winning cheesemakers right here in the United States. Many are family owned and operated. 

How did we select these cheeses?
Our cheesemonger, Raymond Hook has developed relationships with these family creameries for decades, and is honored to bring them to you through our cheese shop. Raymond has selected these cheeses based on their traditional cheesemaking techniques, high quality milk, flavors that wow the palate, and their overall passion for their craft.  



Cheddar is one of the most loved cheeses in America. Cheddar gets very complex with a broad flavor profile, and yet still retains the familiar taste that makes it so popular. 

Widmer's 1 Year Cheddar: You can just taste the 100 years of experience in this 1 year cheddar. We select cheeses that meet our standards for quality and impeccable flavor. We’d like to introduce you to this cheddar from Widmer’s Cheese  in Wisconsin - run by a third generation Swiss family. This cheese has an intense cheddar flavor with hints of caramel and very smooth mouth-feel. 

Double Cream

Double cream is always a crowd pleaser. This soft-ripened cheese is incredibly versatile with a wide range of pairing options and has a subtle mushroomy flavor with a silky texture.

We are smitten by Sweet Grass Dairy’s Green Hill. It is made from pasteurized cow’s milk and soft-ripened. Its buttery flavor, silky texture and thin bloomy rind highlight the quality of the milk. Each wheel is individually handcrafted and ripened for two weeks before being hand wrapped for shipping. Green Hill is an eight-time winner at the American Cheese Society Annual Conference. 

Drizzle a little honey over a slightly warm wheel and serve with crunchy French bread or arrange on a cheese board with jams, nuts, and crisp apples. This cheese pairs perfectly with a white or sparkling wine or a crisp apple cider.



Most blues aren’t as strong as people think. Mild blue cheeses can be flavorful, nuanced and have complex flavor elements. These blue cheeses are fantastic with just a tiny piece of dark chocolate.

Asher Blue by Sweet Grass Dairy is handmade from the rich milk of cow’s who only live in pastures. There are no barns on the farm. It has forward notes of grass and a subtle sweetness. It has a light crumbly texture with mushroomy aromas with a mild, salty finish. Use it as a table cheese, in salads, or melted atop a steak.

 Alpine Style

Alpine cheese, also known as mountain cheese, refers to a style of cheese making using traditional techniques from alpine producers, and can include many varieties of cheese that are made in the style of cheese from the Alps with unpasteurized cow's milk. These are cheeses that are beloved by many. The cheese importantly reflects the terroir of grazing animals. Well known varieties include Comté, Gruyère, Emmenthal, Fontina, Asiago. 

We are happy to feature Pleasant Ridge Reserve by Uplands Dairy, which is made in the tradition of Alpine cheeses like Gruyere and Beaufort. Like the Alpage versions of these cheeses, the cheesemakers only make Pleasant Ridge Reserve when the cows are eating fresh pasture. Because Uplands is very particular about using grass-fed, raw milk from only the best pasture conditions, the weather largely determines how many batches they can make in a year. 

Fresh Goat

Freshness is a must for a good chêvre, and our freshest is from Capriole. A good goat cheese is so versatile. It can be used in recipes, served as a dip, covered in herbs or flowers to add even more flavor, or even be made into a salad dressing. The key is to select goat cheese that is super fresh, as the flavor profile will change is it ages. Enjoy it as soon as possible once you get it home. 

We are highlighting our Tea Rose Goat Cheese from Capriole - stunningly crushed with fragrant herbs, flower petals, and a touch of fennel pollen, which subtly compliment the light, delicate paste of Capriole’s fresh, bright chevre. 

Flavor Infused

Flavor infused cheeses are cheeses in which an additional flavor has been added after the cheese has been aged, and ranges from pimento cheese, to brie that has been layered with truffles. These types of cheeses can be a delightful way to highlight existing flavor profiles. 

We are huge fans of Sweet Grass Dairy’s Pimento Cheese, which features piquillo pepper, and pimentón from Spain. This Southern classic has a slightly spicy, smokey flavor and a creamy, spreadable texture. This Pimento cheese has been recognized by the American Cheese Society with a 1st Place award and received a 99 out of 100 in the Flavored Cheese Category. This cheese is perfect for a picnic sandwich or elevate with bacon jam for a cocktail party. 


Ash-ripened cheeses are both beautiful and unique. The use of ash in cheesemaking can speed up the ripening process and helps to balance flavors. Salt and ash together promotes the growth of complex flavors that can be tart, tangy and peppery.





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