Our specialty foods include our own line of unique crackers, cheese board accompaniments, interesting condiments, and other delicacies from around the world. From spicy mustards or pickled peppers to sweet honeys and jams, here you can find the finishing touches to any cheese board. This is also the section for items like high quality tinned fish, die-cut pasta, oils, and vinegars. 


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Piquillo Peppers with sweet kombu
Da Morgada Quince Paste cheese
Quince Paste Sale priceFrom $19.99
Razor clams with sea spaghetti and garlic
RLM Salted Butter
RLM Salted Butter Sale price$11.99
Salami - Black Garlic - 2oz
Salami - Tuscan Style - 6oz
Da Morgada Sardines in tomato sauce with crackersDa Morgada Sardines in tomato sauce in brand packaging
Sardines in Tomato Sauce Sale price$6.00
Sold out
Sicilian Pistachio Spread
Sicilian Pistachio Spread Sale price$18.99
Smoked Olive Pit Arbequina EVOO on marble tabletopSmoked Olive Pit Arbequina EVOO on stone background
Unio Siurana EVOO -1L
Unio Siurana EVOO -1L Sale price$30.00
Unsalted Butter Basket
Unsalted Butter Basket Sale price$12.00
Ventresca Sale price$15.99
Whole Grain Mustard - 3 Little Pigs
Yuzu Condiment
Yuzu Condiment Sale price$36.00