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The Canestrato cheese has a brown and striped rind and the color of the internal paste is straw yellow. The structure is compact and homogeneous. The smell is very intense, typical of pecorino cheeses: with herbaceous notes and toasted hazelnuts in the more seasoned ones.
The milk used comes from small grazing farms and is formed in wicker baskets. It is smooth in texture and full flavored, but not overpowering like some less refined sheep milk cheeses.
Variant: One pound

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Steve Pagano
Very Happy

My wife and I go through a lot of cheese, because we have to avoid carbs. This is all great, but it can lead to the "we want a new cheese to try" syndrome.

We have already tried everything suitable from nearly every shop near us, so I wanted to find something online. I was very happy to come upon Capella! We bought six cheeses and have tried four. (Many of these are sheep cheeses, which I love but are often hard to find.) I give all of them an A, and will reorder more in the future.

What I like:
* Capella has a lot of variety, especially when it comes to sheep's milk cheese.
* The prices are in line with what I pay at the grocery store.
* They have good choices for size (half-pound, full pound). One of their competitors offers half-pounds and 100+ pound wheels, nothing in between.
* Shipping costs are very reasonable! Plus my cheeses arrived much earlier than expected (this is a Good Thing), well insulated and still cold.

Very happy we found Capella's, and looking forward to ordering again!