Comté Reserve

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Our best selling cheese! Our wheels are aged for 2 years and hand-selected for us. Marcel Petite’s premier affinage facility is located just outside the village of Saint Antoine in the French department of Doubs, on the edge of the Jura. The Fort is renowned as the aging vault for much of France’s best Comté; it is a temple of cheese, housing over a hundred thousand wheels.
Made from raw cow's milk, this aged cheese has aromas of hazelnuts, fried onions and spring berries shine over an undercurrent of cut grass, wet earth, and straw. There is a humble perfection in these wheels; herbaceous and fruity, kissed with deep, heavy cream. This is a cheese for eaters.
Size: One pound

Customer Reviews

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Erin Summers
Comte perfection!

My favorite when I visit Paris and now right to my doorstep! Phenomenal French cheese.

Sari Schulberg-Orton
Oh Heavenly Butter

We are butter connoisseurs!! Have been searching to find an online or actual store in US that sells Rodolphe and/or Bordier that don't require to buy a box is challenging until I found this store. The Rodolphe butter is HEAVEN! We've haven't had a chance to try Bordier yet. It's been sold out every where. But I bet it's just as heavenly as Rodolphe. Shipment is FAST and shipping cost is very reasonable unlike ordering from Bordier US store in Calabasas (which they are sold out anyway). I highly recommend this store and can't wait for when we move back to Atlanta. All of those years living in Atl in early 2000s, I was aware there is such store there. Sigh. At least I can buy online and get the product in 2 days time.

Loved it. 5 Stars!

Ordered the Rogue River blue and a Comte. Loved them both!

Patricia Vasquez
Satisfied customer

Ordered an assortment of cheese, crackers, salami and tomato jam. A thank you gift to my friends for hosting me in their home. They were delighted with everything. My girlfriend went to Capella’s website Immediately and couldn’t believe all of the options offered. The assortment and quality of the cheeses are amazing. Delivered on time as promised. Exactly the service I was looking for. Thank you Capella!